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? it worked fine on old 11.10, any idea why it doesn't work now? Thanks for your help, worked perfectly! Big kudos to team, and thanks in advance to anyone that tries to help !yay | LogicallyDashing LogicallyDashing: Glad you made it! :-) how do i make tor bundle file? do i just unzip it? cheeseboy: why do you want to do that? I've installed the "Windows 7 style" dock in Ubuntu 11.10, however, I've noticed that sometimes it doesn't show the menu, and then I have to click on the Icon on the side to open the menu, is there a way to set the menu to open automatically? cheeseboy: you should be able to find it in the software centre, make sure you check in synaptic for dependencies too It didn't occur to me until just now that I might have installed the dock from windows, and not from the repo moppy not in the software centre cheeseboy: you can always open it in a text editor and add the right files manually moppy thats for the whole tor project cheeseboy: why? moppy i wanna make it run by itself instead of running the entire tor process chelsea: not really, unless there is a setting for it aeon-ltd: thank you, I'll look into that moppy why do i want to do that? cheeseboy: do you have problems with running the whole tor process? yes becuase it slows down my pc i want to



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Netsys 9000wn Driver Download

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